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 To graduate from Sedona Red Rock High School, each senior will successfully complete one Exhibition, an alternative way to assess student achievement. The Exhibition project will demonstrate that the senior possesses the habits of mind, heart and work that the school values while applying critical thinking skills that are necessary in today’s world. Exhibitions are an honorable way for each senior to demonstrate that he or she can do important work and have a capacity for deep learning. The expectation is that the preparation of this project will stretch the student’s abilities beyond those demonstrated through class projects and other assessments. 


Find a topic of interest that impacts people and the world they live in.
Begin to formulate a thesis/hypothesis in the form of a question.
Think specifically about expected/irrefutable evidence and claims and counterclaims.
Develop a proposal, consulting with a faculty sponsor and/or teacher.
Select components of the Exhibition that are necessary for credibility.
Move through the approval process via 3 members of the Exhibition Committee and faculty sponsor.
Components of the Exhibition:
Research Paper 12-15 pages in length with in-text citations and a works cited.
An oral Presentation 30 minute in length presenting a different aspect of the topic, which was not discussed in the research paper but still proves the thesis/hypothesis.
A visual that accompanies the oral presentation, which can include but is not limited to: iMovie, PowerPoint, demonstrations, specific props, etc.
A reflection presented at the end of the paper or orally the evening of the Exhibition Oral Presentation.
Process Folio, which chronicles the entire 14-week
Each Exhibition consists of these parts: understanding the task and planning how to do it; doing the work itself; presenting the Exhibition to a panel of three adults and responding to questions about the Exhibition. The faculty of SRRHS is confident that students who have worked hard in their high school careers can succeed at an Exhibition.

Each student is required to write an Exhibition proposal by following the proposal- writing rubric. Students then submit their proposals to the faculty for critique, and after several drafts the students will obtain signatures from three Exhibition Committee members. As the Exhibition is a culmination of the students’ academic experience, the faculty expects that the students' work will reflect the skills and knowledge gained over their four years. Further, this Exhibition will demonstrate that the students can go beyond the classroom environment and work independently towards their goals.

Each student will write a 12-15-page research paper, which will include fabulous research and appropriate documentation. Each senior will have one faculty member for consultation throughout the Exhibition process. This sponsor will also serve as the “editor” of the paper. The student will perform a minimum of 4 drafts, but the average number of drafts is 7 so there will be many edits and revisions.

A process folio chronicles the work on the Exhibition. A complete student process folio contains: initial moments when ideas jelled; collection of works by others that proved influential or suggestive; interim and final drafts; self critiques and critiques by peers, informed mentors, and outside experts; and finally some suggestion of how one might build upon the current project in future endeavors.

The oral presentation occurs approximately 15 weeks into the semester. The presentation will be a 30-minutes, which includes a 20-minute minimum presentation, and a 5-10 minute minimum question and answer period.

Each oral presentation will include visual elements for the judges. The visuals can vary and are specific to the topic being researched.

This entire project is broken into different components so that students can learn how to manage a task of this magnitude; therefore, students must meet all due dates throughout the 14 weeks. When students do not meet these due dates points are taken away from the individual assignment, running the risk of not graduating or earning a needed credit.

Approximately three weeks before the end of the semester, the oral presentation, final research paper and process folio will be assessed by a committee consisting of teachers, administrators, and community members for “Mastery” or “Pending.”

The assessment of the Exhibition will be based on a common standard created by the Exhibition Committee. The evening of the Exhibition presentation students will receive “Mastery” or “Pending.” Mastery indicates that the student achieved his or her goal and did everything expressed on the proposal. A pending requires the student to work an additional 3 weeks in order to receive mastery by the semester end.

Exhibition class is a one-credit class. Students will receive 0.25 credit on their transcript upon receiving “Mastery” showing as a “pass;” AND a 0.25 credit, with a letter grade on their transcript for actual progress in the Exhibition class.
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