Sedona Red High School is a small, public high school of approximately 500 students nestled in the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. The campus includes four main buildings where students receive instruction. The architects designed a facility that is environment sensitive blending in well with the surrounding scenery. Most visitors are awe struck by the beauty of the campus.

Our staff, students and parents feel very fortunate to work and learn in such a positive, safe environment. Students at Red Rock High School are very dedicated to doing well academically enhancing their opportunities for the future. They are intelligent, involved and serious about achievement.

Most of our students take advantage of the smaller school population by getting involved in extracurricular activities. As a faculty, we strongly encourage them and support their efforts.

The faculty is "highly qualified" and we offer a rigorous curriculum for those students who want to be challenged. We also offer a curriculum meeting the needs of the average learner as well as those with special needs. Our staff is caring, professional and willing to go the "extra mile" to help all of our students succeed. Red Rock High School is a personalized, educational establishment.

We welcome all new students and parents to our high school.

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