At Sedona Red Rock High, we expect students to make a plan that considers what they will do the year after they graduate. Four years of high school and the year after adds up to five. This way students will be able to make their schedule keeping their ultimate goal in mind. They will begin to understand what they will need for that fifth year in terms of courses, what types of references they will need, experiences they will need in and out of school, and what type of finacial plan they will need. Our guidance office is available for individual appointments for both students and parents throughout the school year.

Academic integrity is the agreement between faculty and students (and parents) to adhere to a code of conduct to build a trusting academic relationship at Sedona Red Rock High School. We believe that your success depends on a strong work ethic and on making good choices.  You are expected to complete your work with honesty and integrity.  Cheating has no role in the SRRHS learning community.  There is zero tolerance for any academic dishonesty. See our complete Code of Academic Integrity here.

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