Sedona Red Rock High School’s mission includes individualizing and personalizing student learning. For our population of students who either qualified for the gifted and talented program in their middle school, or who come to us highly motivated to do work that exceeds the state standards, we offer several options. After reading through this program guide, you can begin to customize a program to meet your needs and future goals.

Students can opt for honors within several general required courses as well as sign up for advanced courses, honors courses and Advanced Placement Courses ties to the College Board. Below are specific programs from each of the subject areas. Additionally, this guide explains how your achievements in honors will make a difference in your options for scholarships and class rank.

The Arizona department of education has outlined what constitutes honors for each subject area. Teachers at SRRHS make their honors curriculum using several resources. These resources include standards set by the state, feedback from former honors students who are now in honors programs in college, Advanced Placement studies, research from the Universities, and ideas derived from the gifted and talented community.


Honors within a required course: The required courses at SRRHS are state and district determinations. When a student opts for taking honors within a required course that means the student will go above and beyond the standards set for the course of study. If the student meets the honors goals, then he or she will receive the designation of honors on his or her transcript.

Advanced Courses: These courses are not required to graduate. Most of these advanced courses do have a prerequisite and students make the decision to enroll, along with the course teacher and or the guidance counselor. Students who complete these advanced courses will receive the designation of ‘honors’ on their transcript next to their grade.

Honors Courses: These courses are similar to the advanced courses. Usually students decide to enroll in these courses from a teacher recommendation. Honors placement is already nationally recognized as being an honors curriculum.

Advanced Placement Courses: The Advanced Placement Program or AP is a nationally recognized curriculum in several subject areas. The AP courses are set up to be as demanding as a college course. These courses rank above advanced and honors courses because of the level of difficulty. The title Advance Placement is the mark that the student is taking the highest challenge offered by our school.

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