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Red Rock Academy

SOCUSD Alternative Learning Environment

Welcome to Red Rock Academy! 

We understand that not every child thrives in the same environment and that sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that preclude a student from the traditional school setting. Red Rock Academy was founded by the Sedona-Oak Creek Unified School District with the mission to maintain and continue, in an online environment, the high educational expectations found at Sedona Red Rock High School. New for the 2020-2021 school year, Red Rock Academy is now able to offer distance online learning to grades K-12. 

Red Rock Academy is a free online school for district residents or previously enrolled regional students.  Unlike our traditional school setting, Red Rock Academy's school year is from July 1 - June 30 without breaks for winter, spring, or summer. For this reason, students are able to be academically engaged year round. We encourage our students to complete a minimum average of 25 hours per week.  High school students are required to complete 22 credits to graduate. 
Those enrolled are eligible to participate in Sedona Red Rock Jr./Sr. High School athletics and to participate in graduation upon the completion of their credits.

Red Rock Academy delivers an outstanding educational program and attentive, personalized student service at a time and a pace that works best for each individual learner. If you are considering an online school rather than the traditional school setting, please do reach out to us today. To learn more about the Red Rock Academy, please call Ms. Mindy Patterson, Director of Online Instruction. 

Personalized Learning Platform (PLP)

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Sample Schedules

We personalize each schedule to ensure academic progress, appropriate credits, and students' interests are being met. Here are some examples at various grade levels.  
1st Grade
English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, & Choice Elective
4th Grade
English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, & Choice Elective
8th Grade
English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Coding & Career Explorations
12th Grade
English 12, Pre-Calculus, Chemistry, Government, Culinary Arts & Game Design 

Examples of Content

ART: Grade 3


Jennifer Chilton, Ed.D.
Director of Online Instruction

COVID-19 Concerns?

New this year, we are offering online learning opportunities Kindergarten through 12th grade. If your circumstances, particularly relative to COVID-19, require an alternative learning structure, please call or email to discuss possible options for your family. 

AZ Department of Education: Online Instruction

The Arizona Online Instruction (AOI) Program established in A.R.S. §15-808 allows approved school districts and charter schools to develop online instructional systems to expand learning opportunities for students throughout our state. The State Board of Education approves district AOI programs.

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