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Sedona Kids Tax Credit

And It Won't Cost You a SINGLE DIME!

From: Darrin Karuzas, Deborah Jones, Jay Litwicki, and Scott Keller

RE: Sedona Kids Tax Credit

Tuesday 8:37a

Dear Sedona Moms, Dads, and Residents...

Let's face it...budget cuts stink. And one of the first things to go are our after-school programs, academic tutoring, and extracurriculars.

These include the numerous clubs, field trips, sports teams, activities, student council,  and community oriented organizations that help shape and foster brilliance and ignite passion in our students.

The state budget cuts have already eliminated stipends for teachers offering after-school tutoring to students in ALL subjects...math, science, English, history, business, and others. 

To say that these programs are vital to our kids' lives and growth is an understatement. 

But now YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  You can easily guarantee that Sedona's students... grades K-12...get to participate in the school activities they LOVE. 

You can help keep these programs and activities alive by doing just one simple thing...

At absolutely NO COST TO YOU!

The Sedona School Principals

The Hammer Comes Down Hard On Sedona's Kids

The hammer I'm talking about is the budget cut hammer. It literally pounds and smashes after-school programs to pieces. 
And the ones who suffer the fallout from the destruction are our kids. Our students. 
Chronic state budget cuts year after year continue to erode and strip away the funds available to keep these activities alive. And this just isn't one or two clubs and programs...it's across the board. 
Look, it's easy to point the finger as to who's to blame...and there are lots of opinions as to who the culprit is.
But bottom line, finger-pointing and anger won't solve the problem.   
The solution to the problem is right in front of you. Just look in the mirror. YOU are the solution! 
And the ONLY COST to you is just 27 seconds of your time. I'll fill you in on that in just a moment. 
                                                Programs in Jeopardy
Let's take a look at the devastating toll budget cuts have taken in our school district. 
Here are just some of the programs that disappeared or have suffered dramatic cut backs from the 3 schools in the past few years alone.
Some are just hanging on by a thread.
And many are in jeopardy in the months and years to come...
· Football                             · Golf
· Basketball                         · Track & Field
· Baseball                            ·  Cheerleading
· Volleyball                           · Cross County
· Swimming                         · Tennis
· Softball                               · Soccer
· Art                                          · Music
· Thespian                               · Student Council
· Photography                        · NEA
· National Honor Society      · Robotics
· FBLA                                       · Mathletes 
· Key Club                                · GSA
· Interact                                  · Bike Club
· Band                                      · Girls on the Run
Field Trips
· Statewide Academic Competitions
· Statewide Athletic Competitions
· Statewide Club Competitions
· Flagstaff Lowell Observatory
· Forest Ranger Services
· Newspaper and Yearbook Conferences
· Thespian Competitions
· Music Competitions
· Community Performances
· FBLA Conference Phoenix Convention Center
· Sedona Public Library
· Yavapai College
· After school academic tutoring
· Stipends eliminated for teachers. Mostly volunteer
When it comes to sports and sporting events, students and their parents have to come out of pocket for 'away game' transportation.
On occassion, they also have to come out of pocket for uniforms and supplies. The same goes for cheerleaders.  
The same 'out of pocket' expense holds true for many field trips and club outings.
Coaches' pay is also cut or eliminated. Clubs disappear for lack of funding. There's no money to pay the teachers for the extra time they devote to students to share their passion and expertise. 
And the situation is only going to get worse.  But...

You've Got the Power...
To Easily Channel Nearly $3,600,000
in Tax Dollars Into Sedona Schools!

Here's How Simple This Is

Here's how you can use your power to keep your children's after-school programs going for years to come...
And it literally takes just 27 seconds of your time and ZERO out of pocket.
It's called the "Sedona Kids Tax Credit Program."
Everyone has to pay taxes.   
And the state taxes you pay go into a general ‘slush’ fund, where the politicians decide which school districts and communities get what amounts. That's the crappy news.
Now here’s the AMAZING news
When you take advantage of the "Sedona Kids Tax Credit" Program...
YOU can tell the State of Arizona exactly where you want your state tax dollars to go!
That’s right.
So, for the taxes you're required to pay to the state anyway...
When filing jointly you can allot up to $400 of those tax dollars to the school and extracurricular program of your choice…
…And up to $200 if you’re filing as a single.

Which means...

You Can Tell Arizona You Want Your Taxes To GO DIRECTLY To the Sedona School And After-School Program Of Your Choice! 

So let’s say you owe $500 in Arizona State taxes this year.
And say you’re filing a joint return. You can allot $400 of your tax dollars DIRECTLY to the Sedona school and specific program of your choice.
This is entered as a CREDIT on your state income tax return. So now, all you owe the state is $100.
Now, if your tax liability is LESS than the amount of your Sedona Kids Tax allotment, you get to carry over the credit difference for up to 5 years!
But wait, it gets better.
You also get to WRITE OFF the $400 on your federal tax return. This is a DOUBLE WIN for you!
And it doesn’t cost you a single dime to keep these school programs alive!
Because the money to support them comes right out of the taxes you're paying anyway.
The difference is, YOU CONTROL where you want your tax dollars to go!
So let's say...
► Your daughter loves photography and goes
to Red Rock Rock High School, you can choose to
allot your tax dollars to the Photography Club at SRRHS.
► Your son is in the Robotics Club at Big Park, you can
allot your tax dollars to the Big Park Robotics Club. 
► You are friends with a family whose child goes to
West Sedona School and plays basketball...you can allot
your tax dollars to West Sedona School basketball team.
► If you don't have a preference, you can allot your tax dollars
to the general fund at the school of your choice, which is used
to support underfunded after-school activities.
► And if you're a resident, grandparent, family member, friend,
relative, or senior, you can allot your tax dollars to the school
and program of your choice. 
You DO NOT have to have a child in the Sedona schools to take advantage of the Sedona Kids Tax Credit Program.
Any resident of Arizona can contribute to the Program! 
       YOU have a VOICE in the matter...And you'll be a superhero to the the kids and the community!

Here's What To Do...
Just 5 Easy Steps

  • 1.  Click the orange button below. Then choose the school and program you want to support.        Also choose your filing status. 
  • 2. Make a contribution of up to $200 if single, $400 if filing jointly. Use PayPal or Credit Card
  • 3. You'll receive a receipt for your tax contribution. This amount is DEDUCTED from your total tax
  • 4. When you file your taxes, simply enter your tax contribution on your state and federal returns
  • 5. You’ll get a CREDIT on your state return and as a BONUS you get a WRITE-OFF on your federal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     It's that easy!

You have the power to keep the school program of your choice alive and flourishing for your kids and the community… and keep your tax dollars in Sedona.

Again, the unspecified 2015 taxes you pay are distributed at the whim of politicians to other communities and districts in the state. So without your help, our school programs could vanish.

You have CONTROL and a VOICE to dictate where your taxes go...
and have a direct, profound affect on the future of our kids and our schools. 

Remember, the “Sedona Kids Tax Credit Program” doesn’t cost you a single dime. 

The deadline is April 15, 2017

We're proud to serve you, your children, and Sedona. Thank you in advance for your thoughtfulness, kindness, and tax allotment contribution.

Your Principals, 
Darrin, Deborah, Jay, and Scott

PS: Be a SuperHero...and make your tax allotment contribution NOW while it's fresh on your mind. You'll receive a receipt for your tax credit deduction AND your writeoff. 

PPS: We believe in total transparency. You'll be notified as to the total tax dollars alloted to each school and program after the tax deadline so you can see for yourself the profound results of your Voice and Power...

AND the tremendous impact that one quick simple action can have on an entire community.

PPPS: If every parent and resident took advantage of the The "Sedona Kids Tax Credit Program," nearly $3,600,000 in tax dollars can be kept in Sedona and channeled directly to our schools!  

Take ACTION NOW...and Click the orange "Contribute Now!" button above and be a SUPERHERO!

Watch This Short Video...

And Discover How You Can Be a SUPERHERO to Your Kids By Keeping After-School Clubs, Tutoring, Activities, & Sports Programs Alive and Safe From   
Arizona State Legislature Budget Cuts!

YES! I Want To Save Our Kids' Programs.

Get Your Tax Contributions in NOW!

1. Choose your Filing Status

2. Choose the School and Program you wish to allot your tax dollars to

3. Click "Contribute Now!" …and you’ll be taken to the checkout page.
Use Paypal or your credit card. It’s that easy!

If you prefer allotting your tax dollars by check and mailing it in,
CLICK HERE to download the Contribution Form.

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