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Health Office

Health Office Information

The school nurse or health aide is the consultant for students concerning health problems. The school nurse or health aide cannot diagnose health conditions. If a student is injured or becomes ill at school, they should report to his/her teacher and obtain a pass to the health office. The school nurse or health aide will call the parent when necessary.

The school nurse or health aide strive to help keep students healthy and in school. The school nurse or health aide provides the following services:

Annual vision and hearing screenings, first aid to injured and/or sick students, administers medications, administers necessary medical procedures, communicates with parents regarding health issues, trains and supports teachers, staff and students regarding health issues, maintains school health records to include immunizations and reports communicable diseases as required by law.

Medications, Devices and Immunizations

Medications:  For any student that will need to have a supply of medication at school, please bring the medication in BEFORE the first day of school. An adult must bring the medication to the health office. Students requiring medicine during school hours, including over the counter medicine must have  a parent/guardian's written permission form on file for each new school year. All prescription medication must be brought in the original prescription bottle or box as set up at the pharmacy. The parent/guardian must sign a consent form to administer prescription medication during school hours. Federal law prohibits administering medication to anyone other than the person it is prescribed for. All prescription and OTC medications will be administered from the health office.  If your student has medication at school, it will need to be picked up on or before the last day. Any medications that are not picked up will be disposed of one day after the end of the school year.

Medical devices:  In the case that your student requires assistance of a medical device such as a cane, wheelchair, crutches, cast, sling or any other device used to assist as a medical support or intervention, it is required that parent/guardian notify the school nurse/health aide. 

Immunizations are required by Arizona Revised Statute (ARS 15-872) which requires parents/guardians to provide documentary proof of immunizations or immunity to the diseases to the schools prior to attendance/entry into school (for K-12 grades). This is a state law. Parent/guardian must provide this documentation prior to the first day of school. Parents/guardians will have 30 days to provide this documentation without exemption. A student shall not be allowed to attend school without submitting documentary proof to the school unless the student is exempted with completing the Arizona Department of Health Personal Beliefs Exemption form.

Communicable Diseases

Prevention of communicable disease:  To help prevent the spread of communicable diseases such as the flu, common cold, bacteria, and viruses, it is extremely important to follow hand washing protocol as provided by the ADHS. It is also required that students are fever free for at least 24 hours and without the use of fever reducing agents such as aspirin, acetaminophen or ibuprofen, before sending them to school.  A student who is ill runs the risk of infecting others. 

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