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Staff Directory

SRRJH/HS Staff Directory

Chris Ames
History Teacher
Office: 928-204-6725
Yuiko Ames
Special Education Teacher
Office: 928-204-6729
Claire Amistoso
MS Language Arts Teacher
Office: 928-204-6732
Rodney Baumbach
Middle School Science Teacher
Office: 928-204-6784
Vanessa Bowden-Runge
Speech Therapist
Office: 928-204-6680
Peter Brock
Athletic Trainer/Sports Medicine Teacher
Office: 928-204-6771
Danna Brooks
Physical Therapist
Office: 928-204-6619
Amy Cameron
English Teacher
Office: 928-204-6714
Jennifer Chilton
Facilities Director
Office: 928-204-6828
Jennifer Constantineau
Counselor 10-12
Office: 928-204-6704
Rebecca Dillard
Occupational Therapist
Office: 928-204-6770
Loretta Donovan
Director of Special Services
Office: 928-204-6600
Jennifer Dvorak
Science Teacher
Office: 928-204-6713
Sean Eicher
P.E. Teacher, Coach
Office: 928-204-6731
Vickie Gann
Director of Transportation
Office: 928-204-6639
George Gleason
Assistant Principal
Office: 928-204-6709
Karyl Goldsmith
Karyl Goldsmith
English Teacher
Office: 928-204-6787
Cheryl Guess
Special Education Teacher
Office: 928-204-6763
Marlayne Hatler
Criminal Justice Teacher
Office: 928-204-6762
Kate Hill
History & Government Teacher
Office: 928-204-6722
Heather Isom
Office: 928-204-6786
Teresa Lamparter
Teresa Lamparter
Administrative Assistant
Office: 928-204-6737
Officer Lucas
School Resource Officer
Office: 928-204-6706
Cody McKesson
Orchestra/Music Teacher
Office: 928-204-6792
Lillian McLeod
Photography Teacher
Office: 928-204-6727
Mel Monahan-Bruesch
Mel Monahan-Bruesch
District Psychologist
Office: 928-204-6636
Richard Morris
Math Teacher
Office: 928-204-6789
Maria Ortega
Maria Ortega
District Translator
Office: 928-204-6622
Pedro Ortega
Athletic Director
Office: --
John Parks
Director of Technology
Office: 928-204-6700
Mark Tague
Science Teacher
Office: 928-204-6764
Jim Vogler
Math Teacher
Office: 928-204-6739
Lindsey Webb
MS Social Studies Teacher
Office: 928-204-6700
Tiffany Wilson
Special Education Teacher
Office: 928-204-6740
Sarah Wishnewsky
High School English Teacher
Office: 928-204-6732
Judy York
School Nurse
Office: 928-204-6761

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