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English Language Learners Resources

English Language Learners

The Office of English Language Acquisition Services (OELAS) is a comprehensive system of support to address the needs of English Language Learners. To qualify for English Learner services, upon enrollment students will take the Arizona English Language Learner Assessment (AZELLA) to determine their level of proficiency in the English Language. Parents will be notified of the results and depending on results, the student may be enrolled in a focused Structured English Immersion class, may be offered push-in or pull-out English coaching. 

At Sedona-Oak Creek Unified School District, our mission is to help students develop the English language skills needed for academic and social purposes by offering services and support that will further our students language development.

Our objectives are to support each school and their teachers with the following:
•Identify and assess students in order to give SOCUSD students the language support they need.
•Ensure that our students become comfortable and confident in communicating with others in English.
•Provide students with opportunities to learn academic vocabulary needed to succeed in all content areas.
• Strive to accommodate all students’ learning styles by supporting teachers with methods and strategies for instruction.
•Monitor school records to ensure state and federal compliance.
•Give parents timely notifications of their child’s language needs and program options.
•Empower parents to best support their child through the English language acquisition process.

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