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Strategic Plan 2022-2024

Key Strategic Priority 1: High Student Achievement

Develop a strong educational program to maximize the academic achievement and personal growth of every student. 
1.1 Address the educational, social, emotional, and physical needs of all students
1.2 Nurture connection between home and school
1.3 Encourage early childhood education programs
1.4 Design and deliver consistent, relevant, and rigorous curriculum in every subject in every grade level
1.5 Enhance and sustain enrichment opportunities for diversity in learning
1.6 Create a success-oriented school culture that includes both college-preparatory and career-direct options

Key Strategic Priority 2: Positive, Safe and Healthy Environment

Develop a positive culture throughout the District in order to promote social, emotional and physical safety and a healthy environment.
2.1 Cultivate and maintain a positive school culture for students, staff, and stakeholders
2.2 Ensure safe physical environments at every campus with systemic procedures, training, and monitoring
2.3 Promote a healthy organizational environment through wellness programs & partnerships 

Key Strategic Priority 3: Highly Performing and Supported Staff

Promote continuing staff excellence and support their needs to ensure academic success for all students.
3.1 Recruit and retain highly effective personnel
3.2 Nurture positive and collaborative work environment
3.3 Provide relevant and targeted professional development opportunities
3.4 Sustain mentorship program and cultivate shared leadership opportunities

Key Strategic Priority 4: Effective Communication

Develop effective communication systems that ensure operational efficiency, stakeholder involvement and satisfaction, and positive
public perception of district educational programs.
4.1 Systematize internal communications to support district cohesion, efficiency, and culture of core values
4.2 Systematize and enhance external communications to promote stakeholder participation and satisfaction
4.3 Cultivate student-oriented community partnerships
4.4 Promote district pride through formal and informal marketing communications 

Key Strategic Priority 5: Effective Use of Resources

Increase operational efficiency and district funding resources.
5.1 Maximize use, efficiency, and accountability for District physical facilities and academic resources
5.2 Manage human resources to maximize employee support, communication, productivity, and effectiveness
5.3 Provide District budget community education and outreach, transparency, compliance, and long-range planning
5.4 Develop revenue sources in addition to state/federal funding
5.5 Prioritize services to support academic achievement
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